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In the future I would love to do gymnastics. I want to be a gymnast because they are very athletic and very skilled. I don’t have a community yet because I don’t do sports but I hope I do a sport soon. If i’m a gymnast then I will be skilled and be able to do cool stuff. The pro’s of gymnastics are if you do gymnastics then you can be very flexible and win competitions plus you can be like Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. The con’s of gymnastics are that you can get very injured and sometimes it can be very expensive. I have done gymnastics before so I have had a community. Read on to find out more about a community and some things that are in a community.

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Some responsibilities you should have in a community are you should respect one another. You should respect one each other because if you don’t then your community will be terrible and not fun. Another responsibilities you should have is cooperation. You have to have cooperation because you all have to cooperate so that your community environment is clean and everyone does what they are supposed too. The pros and cons of being in a community. The pros of being in a community some times people can be nice. The cons are that some times it is not clean in a community. I hop you learned a lot about a community. Here is link for more information. Community Responsibilities


In this blog I’m going to be talking about what I like and what I don’t like about blogging. Some things I like about blogging are when we have free days. Free days are when we get to pick what we blog about. Another thing I like is when we do blogs on things that I like. I like those because it’s about what I like to do. Something I don’t like is when we have a lot to blog about. I don’t like this because we only have a week. Another thing I don’t like is some things we have to blog about. This is my blog on what I like and don’t like.

My Daily Day

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My daily day starts out with waking up and getting ready for school. I have to leave my house at 6:58 to go to the bus. When I get to school me and my friends just chill until we get dismissed by Mrs.Grim. After we are dismissed we go to our locker, we have 2 minutes at our locker. We go to our first period after our locker and start our day. We have 3 breaks during the whole day at our locker. The total number of lessons we have a day is 7. All of our breaks happen after every 2 periods. That’s some things that happen during the school day.

Some days we have in the school year are free days. Free days are when we get to go outside or something fun like that. We have had maybe 2-3 free days this year already and they have all been outside. Some sports that go on at our school our basketball, girls and boys. We have a program called ESS and that’s where kids go after school if they do tutoring. In class we do some fun things like for example in social studies we made masks. In L.A we are making turkeys. In science we have played element bingo. In math we went outside. And in PBL we do a fun crime scene. I hope you have learned a little about me and what my daily life is.

Check out these links: Why is school important this link tells you why school is important. Subjects this link tells you the subjects in school.

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Mya In Mya’s flipped blog I read about her favorite places to visit. She told me in her blog that her favorite place to visit was Jersey Shore. I commented on her blog. Her blog link is above this paragraph. My comment said I have never been to Jersey Shore but it sounds fun. So I think you should check out her blog and leave a comment.

Amelia In Amelia’s flipped blog I read about places I should visit in the USA. She told me in her blog that I should go visit Florida. I have been to Florida before and I love it. I commented on her blog and said that I have been to Florida. Florida to me is on of the best places to visit I think. She said that I should go to NYC. I haven’t been there before. I think you should go check out her blog and leave a comment.

Sabrina In Sabrina’s flipped blog I read about Cute, Classy Cavaliers. I have never heard of them before. In her blog she said they were a small dog. In the picture that she put on her blog they looked really cute and fun to play with. The dog is sometimes known as King Charles Cavaliers. On her blog I commented. I said that I have never heard of this dog. You should go check out her blog with the link I put on here.


Count Out Threee

Marianne Ella I commented on the blog link that will be above this paragraph. I read about Marrianne Ella. Marrianne Ella is a Filipino and that´s what she wrote about in her blog. On Ella´s blog there was some really cool pictures they were also really pretty. I learned of new facts from Ella´s blog. I think you should look at Ella´s blog and leave a comment with the link above. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR URL TO YOUR COMMENT.

Ashley I commented on the link above. I read about Ashley and what she liked and didn’t like about blogging. I thought this post was cool. I thought it was cool because she wrote about what she liked and didn’t like about this. So I commented about how I liked that she wrote about that. My comment said I like how you wrote about what you liked and what you didn’t like. Check out Ashley’s blog with the link I gave you. DON”T FORGET TO COMMENT!!!!

Olivia I commented on the blog link that is above. I read about Olivia’s Easter card and how she loved it. What I liked about her blog was that when I read it there was some really neat pictures of the card. So I commented about liking her pictures of the cards. My comment said I really like how you included really cool pictures. Check out Olivia’s blog with the link I gave you above. Don’t forget to comment. INCLUDE YOUR URL.



Bus Improvement

I think that there should be seat belts on the bus. I think there should be seat belts on the bus because it is so much safer. Everyone always asks me why the bus driver has a seat belt and not the kids. My suggestion is that the people who add things to buses should add seat belts. I always thought that why would they not put seat belts on the bus to start out with. Obviously the kids should be safe too. I’m going to have a very serious talk with the people that add things to the bus and have them make the kids safer. I want everyone to be safe because on a bus the driver could be very dangerous. I hope who ever makes that kind of stuff take my advice and make the bus safer.Also there could be very very very very very very bad wrecks.

Gymnastics Fun


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Gymnastics is fun to do!!!!! One day if you haven´t done gymnastics try it out. I think you should try it because you do all sorts of fun things like floor, trampoline, bars, and vault. Trampoline and Bars are my favorite thing to do at gymnastics. They are fun because trampoline you get to bounce around and have fun with it. Bars you get to swing around the bar and d flips and have fun with it.

Let´s talk about Floor. Some things you do on floor is work on your back handspring. When you work on your back handspring you use something called a barrel. I think you are wondering why we use that and not go for it? We use it because it is round and when you jump on it if goes upside down and in a blink of an eye you are upside down.  That’s one of my favorite things to do on floor.

Now let’s talk about bars. Bars is my favorite thing to do in gymnastics. It is my favorite thing to do because it’s just so much fun. There is one part of bars that I ABSOLUTELY HATE that would be the high bars. I HATE it because I was on it once and my hand slipped and I fell on a mat and not the foam pit:). It was TERRIBLE!!!!!! I hope that you learned about how much fun gymnastics can be. I hope you try it out one day and have the time of your lives. GOOD LUCK!!!!

This is a link for the different things we do in gymnastics Gymnastics website click here

This is a link about all the different USA Olympians from 2016 USA Girl Olympians From 2016


In Kentucky we deal with tornado’s and flooding. We just had a tornado in October 2016. We had a lot of floods during that tornado. We lost a lot of house and lot’s of houses flooded. It was not good at all. My family is prepared for tornado’s if we get a tornado warning we always head to the basement so we are safe. Another way we are prepared is when we hear the tornado sirens we all go to the basement in the theatre room with no windows and stay safe through the whole thing. Some advice I would give you is always make sure to go to the basement when there is a tornado also when you hear the sirens go somewhere with no widows. If you take that advice you will be good through the whole thing.Niccolò Ubalducci Photographer Niccolò Ubalducci via Compfight

Places I’ve Been

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There are very many different places that I have visited in the United States. One of my favorite places to visit is Florida. I love visiting Florida because of the nice pretty beaches we go to and all the fun things we do. Florida is south of Kentucky. It is known as the sunshine state

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One of my other favorite places to visit is Tennessee. I like visiting Tennessee because my grandma lives there and a lot of my family. My uncle owns a farm and I love going there to see my cousin,Uncle, and Aunt. I love my family so much. They are so much fun to hangout with. Tennessee is south of us.