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December Delights

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because we get to watch the best movies and we get to spend time with family. My favorite movies are the Polar Express, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, Frosty, and Charlie Brown Christmas. My three favorite parts of Christmas are the Christmas Eve Party’s with my family, Polar Express Night, and Christmas Day. All these day that I have listed are so much fun!!!!

Have you ever had a Christmas Eve Party? Well I have if you haven’t you are missing out on a lot of fun. At my Christmas Eve Parties the whole entire family comes over. We always assign family members desserts and food and drinks. We always open presents from family and girls shopping day. All of the kids just hangout to everyone gets there then we go play games in the basement. In my basement we have a theater room and shuffle board!! After everyone leaves we always go to bed really early because we wake up at like 3 and go downstairs and wait for the parents to come.

Polar Express night is my one of my favorites!!!!! In our family Polar Express is a very fun night. I think it is a fun night because we make popcorn and have candy canes. After The Polar Express is done then we watch a little bit of a different Christmas movie. After we are done watching a movie the parents usually go to bed and the kids put ourselves to sleep. When we put our self asleep we usually watch another movie and then make a fort.

Christmas Day is my favorite part of Christmas. It is my favorite part of Christmas because we get presents and we have so much fun on Christmas. Last year on Christmas after we opened all the presents the parents acted like there was no more there was one more. They pulled them out of their pocket and it was 4 100$ gift cards to Disney World!!! We screamed and jumped up and down!!! They hid the rental car in the neighbors Garage and the parents has our clothes packed and ready. When we got there it was dark and we didn’t do anything. On Monday we went to Magic Kingdom, on Tuesday we went to Epcot , on Wednesday the parents and the older kids went to swim with dolphins, on Thursday we took a break day and swam, on Friday the last day we went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. In the comments tell me what you think about Christmas!!!!!

Check out this website about Polar Express The Polar Express. Another link is for Disney World Disney World.

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Go for the Gold

In the future I would love to do gymnastics. I want to be a gymnast because they are very athletic and very skilled. I don’t have a community yet because I don’t do sports but I hope I do a sport soon. If i’m a gymnast then I will be skilled and be able to do cool stuff. The pro’s of gymnastics are if you do gymnastics then you can be very flexible and win competitions plus you can be like Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. The con’s of gymnastics are that you can get very injured and sometimes it can be very expensive. I have done gymnastics before so I have had a community. Read on to find out more about a community and some things that are in a community.

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Some responsibilities you should have in a community are you should respect one another. You should respect one each other because if you don’t then your community will be terrible and not fun. Another responsibilities you should have is cooperation. You have to have cooperation because you all have to cooperate so that your community environment is clean and everyone does what they are supposed too. The pros and cons of being in a community. The pros of being in a community some times people can be nice. The cons are that some times it is not clean in a community. I hop you learned a lot about a community. Here is link for more information. Community Responsibilities