Stuck in an Elevator

Have you ever had to talk to some famous person? Well in this video I had to pretend to. If you didn’t know I think talking to a famous person is very nerve wracking. I’m here to say check out my video. I want you to check it out because I feel like if you watch my video then you might be able to help me with my project. If you watch my video you can help us get the gym equipment for our videos. We want you to check out our channel. Please check it our it will help a lot. Here’s my video

Flip Out!!!!!

The most rewarding part of my project is teaching people how to do gymnastics. This is most rewarding to me because I love teaching kids how to do gymnastics. I chose this project so I could do what I love which is like I said teaching kids how to do gymnastics. My impact on this project is me teaching my neighbors gymnastics. After this project I will probably continue teaching kids how to do gymnastics.

My final details for my project are making you tube videos. We are super close to finishing this project, so we are not freaking out. We want to make a lot of videos now until we want to stop. We hope that a lot of people start taking classes after they watch our videos. Therefore we are perfectly okay and not freaking out at all.

My thoughts for the GMS take actions speeches are that I’m feeling very scared. I am feeling scared because me and Carlee hate giving speeches and we hate doing in front of people. Also we are very nervous. We are nervous because there will be people we don’t know. Also there will be a lot of people we don’t know. So we are trying to get over our fear of giving speeches in front of people.

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For this whole project I have accomplished figuring out our project. If you didn´t know already then me and Carlee are teaching people all over the world gymnastics. We have accomplished a lot of other things for example we have made a YouTube channel. We have made videos for the video that we have to edit and. I´m feeling really good about these accomplishments. I am feeling good about them because we have got a lot of our accomplishments done.

What we have left to finish other than the TED talk is getting more YouTube videos done. We have made 2 videos but still editing them. We have taught how to do simple skills. We need to get a lot of viewers for our project. If there were no viewers what would be the point in making a YouTube video. We really hope to get a lot so we are going to hang up a poster so we can do that.

Something I would go back and change for our project would be nothing. I would change nothing because we have done a lot and if we changed on thing we would have to change all of it. Or at least most of it. Also I am happy about what our project is about because it gives people who can’t afford gymnastics and they want to they have the chance to try out gymnastics at home and on their own. We really are looking forward to this project being over. Even though we want it the project to be over we still will most likely make YouTube videos. I feel really good about my whole project.

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St. Patrick’s Day

Why is St. Patrick’s day green? Well blue was the color originally associated with this holiday. Ireland’s nickname Emerald’s Isle. It is green now because the color became more popular on this holiday. Now why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s? We celebrate it because it is a global celebration for the Irish culture on March 17. Many people wear an item of green clothing on the day. Parties with Irish food and drinks are dyed green during this celebration. A cSt. Patrick's Day for mobile wallpaperouple background information of St. Patrick’s day are the following. St. Patrick is one of the patron saints of Ireland. He died March 17 in or around the year of 493.

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Flipping Around

This week I have accomplished me and Carlee have made our intro video. We need to have the intro finished because we have to make our first video. We need people to watch so there is a point to this project for this. We have to finish it so we have all the watchers we want. We have to get all likes we can so we have a point for the videos we make.

Me and Carlee feel really good about this project and the video. We feel good about the project because we keep practicing the speech so we sort of have it memorized. We will keep memorizing it so we know the whole thing. We need to know the whole thing so we don’t stutter for our ted talk. We are feeling great.

And last week we made new deadlines. We wanted to have at least one video made by 3/20/2017 hopefully that happens. We got our mentor to answer by 1/30/2017.Without them not answering we can’t make any videos. We can’t make any videos because we need the gym to make the videos with the equipment.

Some issuses are being nervous. We get super nervous to present our speech. We are not nervous to make our video. We are just nervous for the speech at the end of the year. Thats one issuse that we have run into this week.

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My Gymnastics Ideas

This week we have accomplished getting our rough draft done for the elevator speech. On our rough draft we have the lead, the thesis, and the ending sentence or tagline. Our lead is Gymnastics, what does it really mean to be a gymnast, think about it. My name is Lily and this is Carlee Kidwell. During our 20 time, or 20%, project we want to create a youtube channel that includes videos covering the basics of gymnastics that build up to more professional gymnastics skills. And we have accomplished getting a lot of our project done!

And last week we made all our deadlines. We wanted to have at least one video made by 2/1/2017 but that didn’t happen. We wanted our mentor to answer by 1/30/2017.Without them not answering we can’t make any videos. We an’t make any videos because we need the gym to make the videos with the equipment.

We are planning now to make our first video by 2/18/17. We want to do this because that will be on a Friday or the weekend. We need to do it over the weekend because we don’t or we won’t have that many plans. We will need open time with no plans because if we have plans we will be rushing through our video. Since we will be rushing it won’t be as good.

20 Time Project

This we have accomplished making our presentation aid. And we keep practicing our speech so we are not scared or nervous. I am feeling pretty good about this project. We are doing pretty good on the project. We have not met with them yet. We are waiting for our 2nd mentor to answer. We still need them to answer because top flight never did so we did The Gymnastics Center. Our goal is not to be super nervous. Another goal we have is to have some videos made for You tube. We will need different mats to make the video.

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20 Time Project

Some goals that me and Carlee accomplished this week are, we made it through another presentation because me and her both HATE presenting . Another goal we have accomplished is making our presentation aid. Our presentation aid is a poster that gives information about our videos for our youtube channel. I am feeling pretty good about our project. We always get nervous when we have to present. Once again a problem we have run into is being nervous. The way we have fixed our problem of being nervous is just practice and practice at home.


1/27 Contact the Gymnastics Center (email)
2/10 Meet with the Gymnastics Center
2/24 Start getting videos ready
3/10 Make videos
3/24 Publish it
4/7 More videos
4/21 Remake some if we mess up
5/5 Publish some more
5/19 Make even more

20% Project

I didn’t accomplish anything this week. My project is about gymnastics. We are thinking that we are going to do something about gymnastics. I do gymnastics at top flight. Right now I am working on where we are going to go for gymnastics. Some problems we have run into this week are we had 4 people so one of them had to leave. I felt so bad because she is really sweet. Today she asked me if I want to be in her group I said yes. I said yes because I felt bad because she didn’t have a partner. Leap Arthur T. LaBar via Compfight

December Delights

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because we get to watch the best movies and we get to spend time with family. My favorite movies are the Polar Express, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, Frosty, and Charlie Brown Christmas. My three favorite parts of Christmas are the Christmas Eve Party’s with my family, Polar Express Night, and Christmas Day. All these day that I have listed are so much fun!!!!

Have you ever had a Christmas Eve Party? Well I have if you haven’t you are missing out on a lot of fun. At my Christmas Eve Parties the whole entire family comes over. We always assign family members desserts and food and drinks. We always open presents from family and girls shopping day. All of the kids just hangout to everyone gets there then we go play games in the basement. In my basement we have a theater room and shuffle board!! After everyone leaves we always go to bed really early because we wake up at like 3 and go downstairs and wait for the parents to come.

Polar Express night is my one of my favorites!!!!! In our family Polar Express is a very fun night. I think it is a fun night because we make popcorn and have candy canes. After The Polar Express is done then we watch a little bit of a different Christmas movie. After we are done watching a movie the parents usually go to bed and the kids put ourselves to sleep. When we put our self asleep we usually watch another movie and then make a fort.

Christmas Day is my favorite part of Christmas. It is my favorite part of Christmas because we get presents and we have so much fun on Christmas. Last year on Christmas after we opened all the presents the parents acted like there was no more there was one more. They pulled them out of their pocket and it was 4 100$ gift cards to Disney World!!! We screamed and jumped up and down!!! They hid the rental car in the neighbors Garage and the parents has our clothes packed and ready. When we got there it was dark and we didn’t do anything. On Monday we went to Magic Kingdom, on Tuesday we went to Epcot , on Wednesday the parents and the older kids went to swim with dolphins, on Thursday we took a break day and swam, on Friday the last day we went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. In the comments tell me what you think about Christmas!!!!!

Check out this website about Polar Express The Polar Express. Another link is for Disney World Disney World.

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